Ellie - Newport, RI
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Thursday, June 06, 2019
By Joey Jones

I've got sunshine on a rainy day. It's a phenomenon called Ellie and it's always a great day when you can spend time with the effervescent Murphy family. My grandfather always used to say, "never judge a day by the weather".  It was raining, like it had all summer. A little drizzle with some light rain periodically which wasn't going to stop us from having fun and creating some incredible portraits. 


It's not a myth that at the end of every rainbow you will find Ellie. My son Spencer assisted me for the day and at one point, while we were out in a light rain on a dock, he whispered to me, "Dad, how is she not even getting wet?" I couldn't explain it other than to tell him special people project an energy that does amazing things.

JJ • What is your master plan post grad? Ellie • My master plan is to go to college. Right now I have committed to swim D1 at Siena College. I’m unsure what to major in just yet, but I’m excited for what’s to come.

JJ • Who is your hero? Ellie • My hero is my mom. She inspires me everyday to be a better person and is always here for me when I need her. 


JJ • What are you most concerned about for the future? Ellie • I’m nervous to leave for school, it's all gonna be a change in pace. I’m used to being home with family. It’s definitely gonna be a hard change. 


JJ • What is your favorite charity or cause? Ellie • Foundation For A Cure Mitochondrial Disease  


JJ • High fives or hugs? Ellie • Hugs

JJ • Is there something people don't know about you like a hidden talent? Ellie • I love to sing


JJ • Favorite childhood memory? Ellie • By far my favorite childhood memory has to be when my family went to the tree farm and Sophie and I got lost, long story short I went through a fence. 


JJ • How do you want to be remembered at CHS? Ellie • Someone always willing to help


JJ • Favorite hangout? Ellie • The couch 


JJ • Three things you'd want if you are stranded on an island? Ellie • Chapstick, water, food


JJ • Pet peeve? Ellie • When people eat with there mouth open 


JJ • Pizza or burgers? Ellie • Pizza


JJ • What's at the top of your bucket list? Ellie • Skydiving