Talia • In Her Backyard - Cheshire, CT
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Friday, April 05, 2019
By Joey Jones

D Y N A M O. This is Talia. She is the slightly shorter and teenage version of  Wonder Woman.  There is in fact NOTHING this young lady cannot do. Stand within a few feet of Talia and you will feel her energy rush through your soul and you will be a better human for it. I was listing her accomplishments for the Outstanding Students IG account and was worried I may have missed one. Then I realized there was nothing left that she could get herself involved in. She does everything.


President of Student Senate • President of the Parent-Teacher-Student Organization • Student government • Best buddies • Blood drive • Prom committee  • Peer Advocates • National Honor Society  • National English Honor Society • Science National Honor Society  • Field Hockey • Indoor track • Youth Lacrosse Referee • Lifeguard •  Intern at small business in art industry • Yoga • Poetry/creative writing • Foodie • Exercise • Traveling • Going to Colgate University, interested in anthropology and creative writing, eventually landing in the fashion industry
I am super inspired as By "T". I had Talia take the Meyers-Briggs test and she is an ENFP-T "Campaigner" (just like me) and asked her a few questions:

Q • What’s your Master Plan - what is your long term goal for life after high school?..... T • to be happy, go to school and do something that makes me happy 

Q • 

Who is your hero..... T • My grandpa......... Q • What concerns you most about your/the future..... T • Being away from my family

Q • What is your favorite charity/charitable cause?..... T • Dementia/Alzheimer’s.......... Q • Hugs or high fives?..... T • Hugs!!

Q • 

Tell us something that nobody really knows about you - any hidden talents etc...... T • I can argue things really well, I’m good at debates 

Q • 

Do you have a favorite childhood memory?..... T • Going on the boat with my grandfather and my family birthday parties (which were like a whole other holiday)

Q • 

How do you want to be remembered at Cheshire High?..... T • As a good person

.......... Q • Where is your go-to hang out. ..... T • The gym or yoga studio

Q • If you got stranded on a deserted Island, what three things would you want to have with you...... T • my parents , magnifying glass, fishing pole

Q • Do you have a pet peeve .....T • people who take my food without asking first.......... Q • Pizza or Burgers..... T • New Haven pizza  

Q • What’s at the top of your Bucket List..... T • buy my parents a house and become a certified yoga instructor